They’ve arrived…

The Blackwing 24!

And so has our first post!

I'm a bit jealous that Dan got to open the Volumes subscription, sharpen up one of these to use, and I couldn't be there to try one at the same time.

Blackwing 24 pencil on writing pad
The latest Blackwing Volumes Subscription

I'm eager to try one out. They have a new core that is extra-firm graphite "great for extended writing".

Dan confirms it smudges less than the others. That's a bonus in a household with two left-handed writers.

Thanks to the input of Thomas Steinbeck, John Steinbeck's son, we have a rather stealth looking pencil to learn the in's-and-out's of, with a new Blackwing core to tool around with. Nice.

Here are a few pics of the 4 Volumes pencils: 725, 211, 1138, 24, and the 602.

4 Blackwing Volumes pencils and a 602 pencil
The 4 Volumes pencils (as of March 2016) and a 602

Guess which ones are the favorites so far? 😉

And, below, ferrules and points.

Five blackwing pencils showing the ferrules
Ferrules of the Volumes pencils and the 602
5 sharpened blackwing pencils
5 Sharpened Blackwings

What was in that first picture?:

Blackwing 602 -

Blackwing 24 -

Blackwings 725, 211, 1138 -

Caran d' Ache Black Wood (not exactly visible in the darkest spot at the top of the pic) -

Field Notes Steno Pad -

Kum Masterpiece Sharpener -

Tombow Mono 100 HB -

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